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See what our parents and students have to say about our Music Together®classes...

I've been trying out every music class in LA and I have to tell you that I should have just stopped the search with you because your class is definitely the best!

Heather Arter

Deborah, I need to tell you how much it means to me that all three of my boys are wanting to do Music Together together. It's something that I hold dear to my heart from doing it for three years with Xander, and it means so much to me that I can continue this with all three. It's the only class I can do with all three, and I just want to let you know I appreciate you, and what you do. Thanks!

Marika Tsircou

I want to tell you how wonderful your classes are, Deborah. Having a gifted teacher like you come in with your instrument, an inherent musicality, and a real gift for connecting with the kids as well as the adults in the room is an experience above and beyond what I've had elsewhere. Thank you!

Valley Cat family

Deborah's Music Together sessions work on two levels, kind of like the way good children's movies do (think Shrek). They model "musical behavior" for the children, while also engaging the creativity and playfulness of the adult caregivers, creating an enjoyable and sometimes moving experience for them as well. Deborah's playful spirit and easy connection to the energy in the room allow her to create a fresh experience for everyone involved regardless of age.

Ran Ever-Hadani

Rylie and I are so greatful for our time with Valley Cat Music. She has grown so much socially and musically. Peggy is wonderful and Rylie grew so fond of her during our time in the program. I wanted to let you know we will greatly miss Miss Peggy's class and we tell everyone about it any chance we get. 

Chinyarai Hamilton

We absolutely LOVED the class we took with Deborah this past summer and would definitely be continuing in the fall and beyond, but [SO] sadly we are moving to New York.... Luca & Siena loved her and we thought she was fantastic — so talented [great voice!], engaging, fun, and patient. We had a blast and all the kids grew and blossomed under her tutelage....it was lovely to see. We listen to the CD in the car and all day long at home and L & S love every song and I can see definite signs of song recognition — it's so cool. Thanks so much for a memorable summer filled with great songs, singing and learning.

CC, Victor, Luca & Siena Malerba

Thanks for such a wonderful program, Deborah. Our boys truly love music and I think largely because of how fun and rich you've made it for them.

Mae Korner, Alden & Cael

Deborah is a very talented artist. I appreciated how she kept the content "fresh" by adding new lyrics to the songs. She truly encouraged the children & parents to fully participate despite our musical inexperience. I've definitely noticed that my daughter (13.5 months) has developed a sense of rhythm & rhyme and always insists on listening to the Music Together CD in the car. Thank you for sharing your love of music!

Millie, Josh, and Malia

The class is a joy for parent and child. The music is fun to listen to and easy to learn.  This is by far the best music class out there. We really appreciated how prepared Deborah was for each class and how comfortable Deborah is in teaching and singing. Thank you for a great semester and see you next year.

Music Together parent