What's New

Private Ukulele/Guitar Lessons

Private 30-min. lessons with Deborah at Valley Cat Studio in Valley Village -- now available online via Zoom.

Party with Valley Cat Music!

Valley Cat teachers are available to bring the music to your party—virtually (or socially distanced when possible). Email Deborah to discuss and click here for details...

Gift Certificates Are Available!

Click here to order gift certificates for your favorite child(ren) and their parents! 

Articles on Child Development

Check out these great articles and others (currently posted deep on the Valley Cat Music Facebook page): 

Why We Should Stop Segregating Children by Age: Part I--The Value of Play in the Zone of Proximal Development

Bonding with Kids Through Play - Parenthood.com


Valley Cat Music is here!

The new home of Music Together in the Valley and the Marina is VALLEY CAT MUSIC, led by director Deborah Dietrich and a staff of amazing teachers! (Valley Cat Music is comprised of previously run Del Rey Music Together, Sunshine Music (Valley side), and Valley Music Together.)