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Deborah Dietrich, Director
Valley Cat Music Zoom
Monday, Anytime
04/19/21 - 06/07/21 (8 weeks)


Music Together Online is a live class on Zoom, held weekly and recorded (teacher only) for on-demand use throughout the session. Because it's online, screen time* is reduced to 35 minutes, including time to greet and chat before and after class. The rest is pure Music Together educational fun in the comfort and convenience of your home! 

For the Music Together Online class, we invite all family members of all ages to participate for one price. The classic curriculum focuses on children birth through five, but the family musical interaction in your house (or the addition of a grandparent Zooming with us) is not only beneficial to your child—it's beneficial for you, too!

Each family with children must register separately, but a visiting cousin (or other class-age relative) may pay a drop-in fee if they're only able to be with us for one class. Siblings in same house are free; please enroll them so we have their names/bdays!

All registrants may invite one adult relative (or two on one device) to join a class during the session.

* Note that babies should be placed facing you, not the screen, so you receive class instruction and they receive your music-making with them. All children need the modeling of their adult caregiver as well as the space to move away from your device as desired.

Upcoming Meetings
04/19/21    Anytime Monday 04/19/21 Anytime
04/26/21    Anytime Monday 04/26/21 Anytime
05/03/21    Anytime Monday 05/03/21 Anytime
05/10/21    Anytime Monday 05/10/21 Anytime
05/17/21    Anytime Monday 05/17/21 Anytime
05/24/21    Anytime Monday 05/24/21 Anytime
05/31/21    Anytime Monday 05/31/21 Anytime
06/07/21    Anytime Monday 06/07/21 Anytime