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Deborah & Alissa
Valley Cat Studio (location map)
Monday, TBA
01/18/21 - 03/22/21 (10 weeks)


Children birth to 5 years with parent(s) or caregiver. Enjoy playful music immersion with singing, dancing, chants and fingerplays, instrument play & exploration, jam sessions, and improvisation in a supportive, community environment.

This is the essential Music Together class, one that a child can attend from birth through age five—and through all nine distinct song collections. Teachers lead informal but structured instruction where children may or may not participate as they choose and do so according to their developmental level. This class is freely mixed with ages from birth to age five where the activities focus on adult-child interaction rather than child-child. Many childhood educators consider mixed-age groupings beneficial, and the process of music development throughout this age range is similar.

Upcoming Meetings
01/18/21    TBA Monday 01/18/21 TBA
01/25/21    TBA Monday 01/25/21 TBA
02/01/21    TBA Monday 02/01/21 TBA
02/08/21    TBA Monday 02/08/21 TBA
02/15/21    TBA Monday 02/15/21 TBA
02/22/21    TBA Monday 02/22/21 TBA
03/01/21    TBA Monday 03/01/21 TBA
03/08/21    TBA Monday 03/08/21 TBA
03/15/21    TBA Monday 03/15/21 TBA
03/22/21    TBA Monday 03/22/21 TBA