Drop-In Policy

Drop-In Policy  

Music Together is a program that works over time through repetition and family bonding. To that end, we do not promote drop-in enrollments during the 10-week and summer sessions, except under the following circumstances:

1. You have an out-of-town guest (friend or family) who wants to attend with their appropriately aged child(ren);

2. You have an older sibling to your enrolled child who is home from school (on holiday, not home sick) who wants to attend your regular class or your makeup class with you;

3. You would like to attend an  introductory class outside of the first two or last two weeks of the 10-week session, attend more than one intro class within those intro weeks, or attend any single class in the summer session (your drop-in fee will be applied toward summer tuition if you enroll);

4. You are attending a portion of the Holiday session in December.

Prices (please bring cash or check made out to Valley Cat Music to class or prepay via Paypal.me/valleycatmusic):

• Sibling of enrolled child: $20 [use makeup scheduler to secure space]
• Visiting family/friend: $25 for one; $40 for two [use intro/drop-in scheduler to secure space]
• Drop-in Intros: $25 for 1st child; $15 for 2nd [use Intro/drop-in scheduler to secure space]
• Holiday session drop-ins: $25 for 1st child; $15 for 2nd [use Intro/drop-in scheduler to secure space]

If you don't use the makeup scheduler, intro/drop-in scheduler, or registration system, you must get prior permission from the director to ensure there is space in the class. Please email valleycatmusic@gmail.com at least 24 hours in advance to check space OR use the methods above. Thank you!