Guitar OR Uke (class choice)

Deborah Dietrich, Director
Valley Cat Music Studio (map and directions)
Monday, 7:30 PM
10/02/17 - 11/20/17 (8 weeks)


The Music Together Adult Guitar class is open to adults related to registered students only. It's an eight-week grownups-only gathering that starts week 3 of a 10-week session and is designed to teach beginners through intermediates in a mixed-stage atmosphere. No advanced skills will be taught. You provide your own guitar (nylon-string classical guitars recommended for beginners), capo, and tuner, and I will teach you how to play songs from the current Music Together collection, starting with the Hello Song (plus one song of your choice from outside the Music Together repertoire). Your kids will love you, and you will be showing them that even "old" people can learn a new skill (and it feels great)!

Comes with curriculum materials in a binder, one per person. Childcare is not provided; adults only. 

Upcoming Meetings
10/02/17    7:30 PM Monday 10/02/17 7:30 PM
10/09/17    7:30 PM Monday 10/09/17 7:30 PM
10/16/17    7:30 PM Monday 10/16/17 7:30 PM
10/23/17    7:30 PM Monday 10/23/17 7:30 PM
10/30/17    7:30 PM Monday 10/30/17 7:30 PM
11/06/17    7:30 PM Monday 11/06/17 7:30 PM
11/13/17    7:30 PM Monday 11/13/17 7:30 PM
11/20/17    7:30 PM Monday 11/20/17 7:30 PM